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Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy with Hugh Osborne

My name is Hugh Osborne. I am a Life Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, based in Zürich, Switzerland. I have been doing this work for over 10 years and am often inspired by my clients and their ability to create empowering changes in their lives.

I help my clients move beyond whatever holds them back from the life they really want. I have no set program for how this happens other than the one that is revealed in our conversation. I love seeing my clients get clear about what they really want to create for themselves as they move beyond their fears and blocks.

I have a specialist interest in the area of Hypnotherapy for Addictions. I am also very experienced in the area of Confidence and Self Esteem. Most of the issues people seek help for are directly related to their confidence and self esteem. This means I am able to use my Cognitive Hypnotherapy skills to support my clients with a variety of Issues and goals.

As a Life Coach, I help people create the lives they really want. Whether I am coaching them in the area of Addiction Recovery, Life Purpose, or any other personal goals, I love helping people become better at being themselves.

If you are curious about how it is to work with me, you may like to read some Testimonials and Endorsements from clients and fellow professionals.

Hugh Osborne

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