90 Day Addiction Reset

“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin

no day where we have ended another day;

and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us”.


~Khalil Gibran


90 Day Addiction Reset


The 90 Day Addiction Reset is 12 weeks of intensive integrative work to help you reset your mind, body and nervous system and set you on the path towards freedom from addiction.

There are few habits that erode our wellbeing more than addiction does. This is especially the case with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sexual activities.

Perhaps you are experiencing this erosion in your own life and addiction has taken hold of you in ways that make it hard to imagine life without it? This is where I come in.

I have over 15 years experience of guiding people through addiction reset processes towards a new way of life. I draw upon my personal experience of recovery and in depth training to help my clients find the energy and self belief, to make a new start.


I entered recovery for drug addiction in 1997 and have been free of that addiction ever since. My recovery path has mostly been self guided and far from the more conventional programmes that are available.

From the beginning I knew that my addiction wasn’t nearly as much of a problem, as the unhealed pain that was driving me to act out. Reflecting upon my life, there was so much emotional pain that had been surpressed… it was time to feel and heal!

Fortunately, I met some amazing therapists, guides and teachers who helped me find my way. They helped me towards integrating my addictions rather than surpressing them. They also helped me see my addictions as being products of a deeper unacknowledged pain that needed to be healed.

I now bring all of my personal and professional experience of addiction and recovery to my clients to help them find the same freedom as I have.

The 90 Day Reset process

The process is unique to each individual and cannot be outlined easily in words. We each have our own personal history of childhood, family dynamics, adverse experiences, breakups, people, places, and things, all of which impacted us. We also have what happened within us as a result of these things. One thing that is consistent in all of us is that addictions are symptoms of a deeper pain. My work is to help my clients recognise, understand, heal, and process that deeper pain so they can be free of it.


12 weeks of intensive therapy and coaching to help you find freedom from addiction and a new way of life.

What’s included…

12 deep therapy and coaching sessions over a 90 day period.

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp between sessions.

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €2400.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have before comitting.

Online Sessions for clients worldwide.