Hugh Osborne – Coach & Hypnotherapist


In 1997, after a long period of drug abuse, my life fell apart in a way that it could never be the same again. This turned out to be a good thing!

As my addictions ended, I knew I had an opportunity to re-build my life. I am so grateful I had that choice, and that I took it!

Since the re-build began, I worked hard on becoming better at being a better human being. This has not always been easy. Aside from my many and varied addictions, I have struggled with anxiety, confidence, and relationship issues. I have also had times where my life seemed to lack meaning and purpose.

Along the way, I have worked with some really great coaches, therapists, and guides, who have helped me find a way forward. 

These days my life is primarily guided by two of my core values. Those are kindness and imperfection.

Kindness because, for me, this is one of the most important human qualities.

Imperfection because, for me, we are all fellow strugglers finding our way on this journey through life. 

I love helping my clients find freedom from addiction so they can become better at being themselves! I love helping people realise they can have more of what they want in their lives, with the strengths and resources that they already have.

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I am a published author. My books, Addiction-Free in 90 Days, Insights From The Edge, and Three Strategies For Ending Addiction are available for purchase on Amazon. I also a feature in the best selling book, Thresholds, also available on Amazon.

I am also the co-founder of Sunflower House, one of Zurich’s leading holistic health practices. Part of my vision is to create opportunities for personalised therapy retreats here in Zürich.


Private Sessions in Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions for clients worldwide.

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