Addiction Recovery Coaching

Addiction Recovery Coaching


Addiction Recovery Coaching is one of the most important aspects of my work. It is one thing to get some stable abstinence and sobriety, but it is another challenge altogether to reinvent yourself and create a life beyond addiction. Many clients initially come to me for Hypnotherapy for Addictions, also benefit from Addiction Recovery Coaching.

For many, Addiction Recovery Coaching is helpful support on the path back to themselves once active addiction has ended. For others, who have a good stretch of sober time behind them, it is an essential part of their on-going commitment to living life fully. In my own recovery process, coaching has been as necessary as any other work I’ve done on myself.

As your recovery coach, I will help you get clear about the life you really want to live, and then help you create it. I see recovery as an invitation and initiation into the process of creating an extraordinary life, and I help people do just that.

Think for a moment…..

What kind of life do you want to create for yourself?

Who would you need to be to make it happen?

Considering your answers to the two questions above, how could the energy that has been bound up in addiction, support you in taking the next steps towards the life you really want?

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions and have a conversation about what’s possible for you in your life beyond addiction. If this interests you, then please contact me.

I offer Personalised Hypnotherapy MP3s in support of the Addiction Recovery Coaching process.

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Private Coaching Sessions In Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions For Clients Worldwide.

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