Addiction Recovery Remastered

“It’s not supposed to be easy. Just possible”

~ Trevor Silvester

Addiction Recovery Remastered



Addiction Recovery Remastered is a 6 session process for those who have been in mainstream recovery programmes for some time and feel ready to take their recovery to the next level.

The 12 Steps Programme is quite remarkable. Many former addicts credit it with saving their lives, which is quite accurate from what I can see. However, there comes a time when even the things we are most grateful for no longer give us what we need for the next stage of the path. I have met many people from the 12 Step fellowships who have hit a dead end and feel conflicted about the next phase of the journey. This is where I come in.

Recovery works best when we make it our own. A time comes in recovery when we have earned the right to do that, despite what those around us might say about it not being up to us. There comes a time when we take ownership of the changes we have made with the help of our higher power and step into life beyond addiction.


I spent many years exploring different recovery paths, from strict abstinence-based approaches to the spiritual and scientific, to the more integral process that ultimately became the foundation of my continued sober recovery since 1997.

I now bring the best insights of my personal and professional journey through addiction and recovery to serve my clients in their desire to live a new way of life beyond addiction.

If you are ready to remaster your recovery, to claim it as your own, and step into who you really are and what your life stands for, then I am here to support you in that.

Recovery Remastered

The process is unique to each individual and cannot be outlined easily in words. We each have our own personal history of addiction and recovery, with our own unique successes and struggles. My work is to help my clients recognise, understand what is need for the next stage of their journey, so they can move forward in clarity and freedom.


6 weeks of therapy sessions to help you remaster your recovery and make it your own.

What’s included…

6 deep therapy sessions over a 6 week period.

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp between sessions.

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €900.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have before comitting.

Online Sessions for clients worldwide.