Addiction Inside Out 


“Until you resolve your issues on the inside,

they’ll keep pretending to be issues on the outside.”

~Trevor Silvester


Addiction Inside Out


Addiction Inside Out, formed through recovery from my own addictions and supporting others in recovery as a therapist and coach.

Like many addicts in recovery, once I got sober from a primary addiction, I found similar behaviours coming in to take the place of whatever had vacated. If I stopped alcohol, I would smoke more tobacco. If I stopped tobacco, I would eat more sugar. If I left a toxic relationship, I would watch more porn. It was like playing an addiction-themed game of Whac-A-Mole; exhausting and completely hopeless.

Back then, I had not yet understood that addictive behaviour is just the surface symptom of a deeper problem. Once I began training as a therapist, my approach to recovery began to shift. I saw that the roots of my addictions lay in unhealed emotional pain that had been buried deep in my unconscious, out of sight and out of mind.

The pain had been stored in my nervous system and the somatic patterning of my body. Over time, I grew in my capacity to feel the agitations of my nervous system, recognise the presence of psychosomatic disunity, and the somatic patterns in my body. My mind became an ally in a body-informed healing and integration process that led me to freedom from addiction from the inside out.

I have been helping people find freedom from addiction for over 16 years now by using my skills as a therapist and coach, along with my personal experiences of recovery. There is nothing quite like helping another human being return home to themselves while finally being relieved of their burdens.

If you are struggling with addictive behaviours and would like to find freedom, perhaps my Addiction Inside Out Method can help.

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