Anxiety and Panic Therapy

“The mind is only a reflection

of what the body holds

~Shauna Quigley





Anxiety and Panic Therapy


Anxiety and Panic Therapy is a 6 session process for people struggling with anxiety and panic as an obstacle to change.

Perhaps you have things that you want to do in life, but anxiety and panic attacks are proving to be a big stumbling block. You may work in a career that requires you to do presentations, attend meetings, and be in front of the room, and your anxiety and the possibility of a panic attack are making it really difficult to perform at the level you know you are capable of.

Anxiety is usually a response to a perceived threat of some kind. Panic is what we experience when our anxiety becomes overwhelming to the point that the body and nervous system need to release and rebalance. Panic attacks are usually a sign that we have been experiencing the stress of threats for too long.


I spent many years struggling with anxiety and hoping that my panic attacks would go away. Needless to say, my anxiety and panic attacks were symptoms of a deeper emotional problem that needed addressing.

The solution I found works in stages.

  • Building tolerance of anxiety and expanding my emotional threshold/range.
  • Witnessing anxiety in ways that allow relating To rather than From it.
  • Self-soothing and self-regulating skills.
  • Embodying the feeling of anxiety and even panic
  • Identifying the threat at the root of anxiety and addressing it.

I now offer my personal and professional experience to my clients so that I may help them find freedom from anxiety and panic and live life more fully as a result.

Anxiety and Panic Therapy

The process is unique to each individual and cannot be outlined easily in words. We each have our own personal history with anxiety and panic, with our own unique patterns that underpin them. My work is to help my clients recognise, understand what is need to find freedom from anxiety and panic, so they can move forward in life without being held back.


6 weeks of therapy sessions to help you find freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

What’s included…

6 deep therapy sessions over a 6 week period.

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp between sessions.

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €900.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have before committing.

Online Sessions for clients worldwide.