Professional Endorsments

Hugh Osborne is a master facilitator of true transformation. He not only has many powerful skills, talents and abilities, he has also used them all to transform his own life many times over. If you are truly ready to make your life different and free yourself from fear and addictions I highly recommend working with Hugh.

Julie Blake

What I have loved most about our time together, is just how fearless you have been. You held nothing back in our sessions….and when it was time to go into deep and scary waters, you jumped in and let me lead you. Very few men I know are as committed to their own deep work as you….whether is was parenting, sex, money, purpose!! And as we went on, and kept diving into more and more, you kept showing up fully and thoroughly!! You pushed your edges around charging more money, leading in your relationship, grabbing hold of a big and scary purpose, and making yourself right with other men and the divine!

I am absolutely certain the people in your life that you care for will be the beneficiaries of your bold and fearless work!!

I love you brother!!

John Wineland

The depth of your soul is so profound that anyone who comes into your presence and is ready for change will get it…without a doubt. You are a man of integrity. You are a warrior.

Marilyn Rodriquez

“I am honored to write an endorsement for Hugh Osborne and his Addiction from the Inside Out workshop. Hugh has been selling out this workshop consistently for years, likely due to both his expertise in the subject matter and his unwavering belief in the humanity behind any addiction. Hugh recognizes the innate goodness in every person, has a deep understanding of the desires that can be misdirected into addictive behaviors, and uses that same drive to construct a beautiful way out. Anyone who takes this course will surely have a comprehensive set of tools to make a profound impact in their work with addiction.

Billie Allen