Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Hypnotherapy for Addictions


I have a specialist interest in working in the area of addiction. I love helping people climb out of addiction and reclaim ownership of their lives. In my work as a hypnotherapist, I draw upon my personal and professional experience of addiction and recovery, to help people end self sabotage and re-connect with themselves and what really matters.

I use hypnotherapy to help people with the following addictions*

Alcohol Addiction – Binging and Problem Drinking

Codependency Addiction – Codependent and Abusive Relationships

Drug Addiction – Cocaine Addiction, & Cannabis Addiction

Food Addiction – Sugar Addiction, Binge Eating, and Bulimia

Gambling Addiction – Online Gambling, Betting Shops, and Casinos

Pornography AddictionInternet Pornography Addiction

Sex Addiction – Compulsive Sex, Paying for Sex, WebCam Sex

If you are seeking help for an addiction, please feel free to contact me and arrange an initial consultation.

If you would like to get regular insights and join in discussions on the subject of Addiction and Recovery, please feel free to join my community on Facebook – Addiction Inside Out

*Please note that some more severe forms of addiction require medically assisted detox and on-going group peer support. As a hypnotherapists, in some cases, I may be able to offer my guidance as a part of an on-going rehab and recovery process.

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions In Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions For Clients Worldwide.

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