Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks


Having suffered from Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks myself, I naturally take an interest in supporting others who are struggling in these areas.

If you have looked around, you have probably found that there are many different self help techniques, books, and medications* that claim to help. Experience tells me that some of them do work for some people, but many of them don’t.

Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks are Natural Functions of the Human Body

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Stress and Panic AttacksAn important thing to understand is that anxiety, stress, and certainly panic attacks are a sign of a body functioning as nature designed. The human body and nervous system can get overloaded with the demands of life. Stress and anxiety accumulate and, when this happens, there has to be a release or offloading of some kind. A panic attack is the body’s natural way of re-balancing itself. It’s the body’s way of discharging a build up of stress and anxiety, so that things can return to a normal level of functioning. This natural process is part of the body’s regulation system, and is known as homeostasis.

Fight, Flight or Freeze

A Panic Attack feels similar to what we experience when our ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response gets triggered. The ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response is the body’s natural self-preservation mechanism and normally only gets triggered in moments of danger. However, when we endure high levels of  anxiety and stress for prolonged periods, the nervous system can become over sensitised. When the nervous system is over sensitised, our capacity to deal with whatever shows up in daily life is greatly diminished to the point where pretty much anything can trigger the body’s fight, flight or freeze response.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks

In many cases, there are some unresolved emotional issues that need to be addressed when using hypnotherapy to help people with these conditions. Learning good relaxation techniques, and how to skilfully deal with stress, is also important. Confidence and sef esteem are often major factors that can be an underlying cause.

If you have questions about how Hypnotherapy can help,  please feel free to contact me. I am happy to arrange an initial consultation.

*Always follow your doctors advice regarding medication. Hypnotherapy is not intended to be a substitute for medication or the advice of a health professional.

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