Hypnotherapy for Pornography Addiction


I have worked with many clients who have struggled with pornography related addictions. I have found hypnotherapy can be a very effective  for stopping compulsive pornography use, and masturbation. If you are concerned about your use of pornography and feel like it’s out of control, or are concerned about the type of materials you are viewing, then there’s a good chance I can help.

Hypnotherapy for Pornography Addiction

  • Hypnotherapy for Pornography AddictionReducing and stopping the compulsive craving to view pornography.
  • Reducing and stopping compulsive masturbation.
  • Skilful management and neutralisation of triggers
  • Finding stability during the early withdrawal process that may be experienced after stopping.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem for a more healthy life
  • Resolving any underlying issues that may have been driving your compulsive behaviours
  • Personalised Hypnotherapy MP3s to help you feel in control and make progress between sessions
  • Developing an awareness of how your addictive patterns function.
  • Simple but effective self-help tools to help you stay in control of your on-going progress.
  • Creating short and long term goals and action plans for living your life once addiction has ended.
  • Setting healthy boundaries for long term freedom from pornography addiction.

Pornography becomes destructive when it takes you away from yourself. When highjacked in this way, you become cut off from your personal boundaries and values, and often end up viewing more and more extreme materials in order to get a fix.

Shame, guilt, anxiety, as well as a general emotional instability, are some of the side effects of the compulsive use of pornography. Usually these difficult emotions are dealt with by using more pornography as an escape.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be free of this destructive cycle?

Can you imagine for a moment the things you might create in your life with the time that is no longer wasted on porn?

How would it be to be free of the old burden of guilt and shame once and for all?

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