Hypnotherapy for Trauma Healing


Whilst hypnotherapy is rarely the whole solution in the area of trauma healing, I have found it to be a very helpful support when used in combination with other, somatic based methods.

Hypnotherapy for Trauma HealingTrauma doesn’t only come from significant emotional events and adverse childhood experiences. Trauma can be held in the body from many experiences, mostly from the earlier years of life. As adults we may look back and think of such events as being insignificant, but as children we didn’t experience them that way. As children those events were terrifying and real. As mature adults we owe it to the still traumatised child within us to take care and heal that trauma.

Trauma can also happen in adult life from significant life events that leave their mark upon us. The things to understand is that the actual reason for trauma energy being present is rarely what we consciously think it is. Hypnotherapy is very helpful in this respect because it allows us to access our unconscious and see what the trauma really is. It’s almost never what we would consciously think it is.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to do therapy in the area of trauma healing. Healing takes time and is rarely and overnight process, even though we often wish it could be. The process is highly rewarding though. Skilfully acknowledging the parts of ourselves that feel victimised, finding the actual root of the trauma, healing, and re-integrating those parts of ourselves is a work that is well worth undertaking. It is an honour and a privilege to support people in such a transformational process.

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