Making the Unconcious


Hypnotherapy – Making The Unconscious Conscious


Many of us know the life we really want to create, but find our path blocked by habits, addictions, and limiting beliefs. Many of these patterns are outdated and run on the unconscious levels of the mind.

I use hypnotherapy to help my clients make these unconscious patterns conscious. Once these patterns become conscious, they no longer have the power to control your thoughts and actions. This is how procrastination ends, and creation begins.

From here you can be an owner of your life rather than a victim of it. You can make better choices that are in alignment with what you really want, rather than those old choices that once kept you stuck.

Making such change is empowering, and it can also be challenging. Ending an addiction, a relationship, or making other significant changes in your life can be a bumpy ride – at first! I use hypnotherapy to support my clients in navigating such challenges that so that they stay clear in their commitments and goals.

Waking up from unconsciousness and stepping into creativity is an initiation into life. I use hypnotherapy to support my clients in this period of initiation. This is often in the form of building confidence and self-esteem, healing past traumas, dealing with relationship issues, finding a healthy realtionship with money, and creating a meaningful life. I use hypnotherapy to help my clients learn, grow, and create their lives at a pace that’s right for them.

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