Hypnotherapy – with Hugh Osborne

Hypnotherapy – with Hugh Osborne


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – C.G. Jung


What I love about hypnotherapy is the way it cuts through the barriers of conditioned mind, and connects my clients with what really matters. Many people come to me for help with addictions. While addiction causes a lot of problems, it is rarely the actual problem!

The actual problem usually has its roots in shadow aspects of the unconscious mind. Shadow is that which has been repressed, denied, or disowned. We all have it, and, until it is made conscious, it will continue causing problems.

One of the ways shadow manifests is through addiction. Addiction is an unwelcome companion in the lives of so many. It sabotages that which is most meaningful, and steals our joy! Freedom from addiction cannot be found through burying it out of sight and mind, but it can be found through conscious integration.

Part of the integration process is the reclaiming of who you are and what you want to create. From here you can be guided by this inner knowing, rather than unconscious shadows. As a result, you can make better choices and create a flourishing life of freedom from addiction.

What I write here is not a guarantee, but a declaration of what is possible. I know freedom from addiction as a living reality within my own life, and see it in the lives of my clients too. Freedom from addiction may not be easy, but it is most certainly possible if you are ready to do what it takes!


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