Life Coaching  – Be the Creator of your Life

Life Coaching – Be the Creator of your Life


Many of us experience the desire to change something about our lives, but struggle to get clear about what we really want. Sometimes we have unhelpful thinking about what we think we are capable of and, although we long to create our better future, feel unable to get past the obstacles that appear to stand in our way.

I have experienced similar conflicts, and I know how important it is to remember the huge capacity we all have for changing and reinventing ourselves. Most of my life has been an immersion in this process of change and reinvention, as I have become the creator of my life. I love creation. There really is nothing quite like it. I love that my work is helping people to become the creator in their own lives.

I am often amazed by my clients and their ability to create empowering changes in their lives. I am sometimes in awe at what can unfold from working together in a space of safety and trust, where all is welcome.

  • I love helping my clients get who they really are and what they stand for.
  • I love helping my clients clarify their vision and purpose.
  • I love helping my clients free themselves from fear and doubt.
  • I love helping my clients move into creative action.

I have a specialist interest in Addiction Recovery Coaching. I also offer personal life coaching to people from all walks of life, with a wide range of issues and goals. My clients are generally creative and self-motivating people. I have coached celebrities, business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and many creative and resourceful men and woman with a commitment to being the best expression of themselves.

Private Coaching Sessions In Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions For Clients Worldwide.

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