Life Coaching – Create Your Extraordinary Life

Life Coaching – Create Your Extraordinary Life


I believe that we all have an extraordinary life within us that is waiting to be lived. My Coaching is for those who have made a commitment to create their extraordinary life and are ready to take action.

In my coaching sessions I invite my clients into deep conversation, deep listening, and deep connection with what really matters.

I create a space of safety and trust for my clients, where all is welcome. In this space, fears, doubts, habits, addictions, and limiting beliefs are resolved.

My coaching is a deeply generative conversation, where creativity, vision, and purpose come alive.


I love guiding my clients, as they face their shadows, and discover their hidden gifts.

I love helping my clients get who they are on the deepest level, and align themselves with that.

I love helping my clients free themselves from fears and doubts, and move into creative action.


Private Coaching Sessions In Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions For Clients Worldwide.

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