Self Originating


“Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do,

when you really want something, it’s because

that desire originated in the soul of the universe.

It’s your mission on earth.”

~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist




Self Originating


A time comes in therapy when your work is done! This doesn’t mean you are a perfect human being, it just means you have found some autonomy within yourself and that’s where you live from most of the time. If you find yourself lost and somehow off track, you know how to correct your course and come back into alignment. You are not afraid to go on walkabout or take authentic detours, because you know where home is now.

The possibility is here for authentic becoming in which, for the first time, you get to consciously choose your own path. In early life, you were never given such a chance. Nobody showed you how because they were caught up in their own version of a surivalist world. Like you, they had the tools within them for self-discovery, but those tools had remained hidden, buried under generations of unhealed pain and unspoken longing. Now, having healed your pain, you have the chance to pick up your tools and craft a new way of life. What an amazing opportunity!

Some of your new path will have revealed itself in your therapy and healing work. As your body became a safer place to inhabit, the full capacity of your system became available. Before, you may have lived in disunity, unable to access the wisdom of your body, and the wisdom of your wounds. As you progressed in your healing process, you probably realised how far you had drifted from your calling, but now you can hear it calling to you. Your calling, your unlived life, never gave up on you, and now here it is revealing itself as a path before you.

The way from here is to learn by doing. A life sustained by your own core values, rather than the collective conditioning, awaits, but it is no small undertaking. Often, the process of self originating can be as challenging as the healing stage of the journey, and it requires something more than faith and vision to walk this path. Within each of us is a set of innate core values that, when nurtured sustain us in creating an extraordinary life. An extraordinary life based on the things that bring you happiness, joy, and love. A life of meaning that, even in times of hardship sustains you from within giving you strength and resilience when the odds seem to be against you.

Living your life from your original blueprints is a form of radical activism in the modern world. Self Originating is for you if you are ready to create a life where the inner and outer align, because you have healed, processed, and integrated enough of the wounding, pain, and blocks that previously stood in your way. Finally you can dare to dream and follow the path of your own self originating.


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