Shadow Work


“One does not become enlightened

by imagining figures of light, but by

making the darkness conscious.


~C.G Jung



Shadow Work


Most solutions for addictions, kinks, and self-sabotage aim to eliminate the patterns while encouraging better choices and healthy alternatives. While these are excellent and valid approaches, there is also another possibility that is rarely spoken of, which is the process of integration.

Our unwanted ways of thinking, feeling, and being are messengers from our unconscious. They are signposts to look deeper within ourselves and pay much closer attention to what is really happening.

Shadow patterns, especially those that are more protection-driven, have saved you in the past. They may be a necessary adaptation without which you would have struggled to survive the trials of early life. Later, they perhaps helped in your learning and growth, but now…

  • Although you once found a sense of freedom, self-expression, connection, and happy hedonism in using drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictive behaviours, they drain and deplete you now.
  • You may have only known a particular type of relational intimacy fuelled by drama, jealousy, toxicity, and co-dependency. You now know other possibilities are healthier and aligned with who and what you want to be. Still, you feel trapped and addicted to your old relational patterns.
  • You know that in the past, you had to keep yourself small, hidden, and protected in order to survive. You long to come out and express yourself, to learn, grow and thrive, but your old fears are still in control behind the scenes.



My personal journey mirrors the struggles that many of us face. For years, I battled my shadow patterns, viewing them as obstacles to my growth. It was only later that I realised they were gateways to a deeper understanding of myself.

Eventually, I came to see that my patterns were all secondary pain symptoms of deeper core pain and emotional wounding.

I had to learn how to listen to my shadow parts, dialogue with them, feel them, and receive the messages they were attempting to reach me with. This journey of self-discovery and personal growth showed me that the best path was not repression but integration.


What happens in Shadow Work sessions?

Shadow Work has no script or formula. The script is hidden within you and is revealed in our speaking. Here are a few things that happen in each individual client process…

  • Identifying – Identifying shadow patterns and how they hold you back and disconnect you from being who you are more fully.

  • Shadow Dialogue – Learning the essence of shadow work and how to converse with your shadows so that you build trust and understanding.

  • Integration – The integrative aspect of shadow work is all about finding alignment with your shadow parts so that there is an agreement to work together towards a shared outcome.

  • Living with Shadow  Working with your shadow in daily life as an ally.



6 weeks of therapy and coaching to help with unconscious shadow patterns. Integrating and finding freedom from addictions, toxic relationships and other forms of self-sabotage that may be keeping you stuck.

What’s included…

6 sessions over 6 weeks

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp

Your own bespoke toolbox to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €900.-


Online Sessions for clients worldwide.