Spiritual Detox

“The only antidote to perfectionism

is to turn away from every whiff

of plastic and gloss and follow

our grief, pursue our imperfections,

and exaggerate our eccentricities

until the things we once sought

to hide reveal themselves

as our majesty.

~Toko-pa Turner



Spiritual Detox


Spiritual Detox is 6 weeks of therapy and coaching to help spiritual people cleanse themselves of spiritual beliefs, conditioning and perfectionism and form their own authentic internally sourced blueprints for a happy and meaningful life.

This work is for those who have reached a point where the spiritual teachings and insights that changed their way of seeing the world no longer sustain them. If you can relate, please read on…

Now, it may be that your realisations feel like empty platitudes, and you are not sure you even believe them anymore.

Now, you long to find what is real, alive, and true for yourself, but self-doubt and inner conflict prevent you from accessing and trusting your own innate wisdom.

Now, you find yourself with desires and longings that conflict with your spiritual beliefs, and no amount of meditation, self-inquiry, or transcendence is making a difference.

So what’s the solution?

I spent many years on the spiritual path with these struggles.

In the end, I had to see that while the spiritual teachings and books had benefitted me in many ways, they were also an unhelpful barrier between me and the more authentic life within me that was waiting to be lived.

I had to become my own authority. No matter who says it and how beautiful their words are, everything gets filtered through my own experience first! That is the only place I can know wisdom, trust, and authenticity. In the Spiritual Detox process, I guide others in doing the same.

What’s can I expect?

The process is unique to each individual client, so there is no one size fits all. Here are a few things that may happen…

Identifying – Identifying the spiritual teachings, beliefs, and concepts that no longer serve you in living a happy and meaningful life.

Questioning – Becoming the authority in your own life, the captain of your own ship. In the words of Jeff Brown, “You are the sculptor, don’t hand the tools to anyone else.”

Clearing – Coming into Essence Mind and knowing yourself as the creator of your one happy and meaningful life.

Revealing – Creating the Blueprints for your one happy and meaningful life.


6 weeks of therapy and coaching to help you cleans yourself of spiritual conditioning and form your own blueprints for a happy and meaningful life.

6 deep therapy and coaching sessions over 6 weeks

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

Fee €900

Online Sessions for Clients Worldwide