Spiritual Integration


“If you want to live a more spiritual life, live a more human life.

Be more truly, fiercely, heartfully human.”

~Jeff Brown


 Spiritual Integration


Awakening is a beautiful thing. The constructs of the mind cracking open, the veils of ego structure parting, and our interconnectedness with life itself is revealed as a direct and undeniable experience. It’s a magical miracle! A merging with the infinite reveals the self we have imagined ourselves to be as an illusion of the mind. It’s a blissful unburdening. A complete and utter release from the clench of individuation. It’s a knowing beyond doubt that you are home.

This 180° turn away from life as we have known it is also a very vulnerable place. Amid the bliss, there is somewhere the knowing that we are only on temporary leave. A further 180° turn is to be made, and this cannot be delayed for too long. Soon we find ourselves in that excruciating place of awakening without integration. We have seen far too much to go back to sleep, but we have not fully woken into our human experience. It’s like that place between the sleeping and wakened state and not the blissful one. This place is restless and agitated because all that is unhealed within us is banging on the door and demanding our attention.

The opportunity here is to roll our sleeves up and get stuck into the work of integration. Awakening reveals a core awareness that brings the possibility of self-reflection. From here, we can dive into whatever pain and wounding presents itself and heal ourselves. It’s a beautiful process of defragmentation in which we come into a fully conscious, embodied, autonomous experience of ourselves. We know our interconnectedness with life itself, and we know ourselves as healthy self-originated human beings.

Unfortunately, many don’t take this opportunity. Instead, they cling to that place of no-self. They misinterpret the return of unhealed pain as a sign that they did not have a complete awakening. They see themselves as identifying with illusory mind constructs and so return to spiritual books and teachings in an effort to have that final awakening that will wipe the slate clean. If only they could see that they haven’t come to Earth to be a spirit. They have come here to be human, learn human lessons, and live a human life. Their awakening was for one purpose only, and that was to bring them back into alignment with their soul’s contract so that they may take the journey their soul agreed to before taking human form.


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