Client Testimonials

Meeting and working with Hugh was a huge help. I had been having Cocaine and Sex addiction problems for over 25 years, I had also been working on myself to try and change these patterns for a long time. The relatively short journey that I embarked on with Hugh of less than 12 months, took me to the place I had been hoping to reach for many years. From the outset I felt that Hugh was genuinely concerned for me, his help and guidance coupled with our mutual experiences worked wonders! Hugh helped me develop a genuine appreciation for myself and this has become the corner stone for my life. Thank you Hugh!!

I have known Hugh around 4/5 years now. He has helped me immensely at some of the lowest points of my life, and I’m pleased to say, also within some of the highlights since becoming sober. His ability to make you figure the answers out for yourself is magical. I always come away from a meet with him in a much better space. Since meeting Hugh, I can definitely say my life has improved no end from the things I have learnt from him”


Thanks very much for all your help over the sessions. I really think that they were valuable and learned a lot. I think it has given me a better sense of who I am and the power I have to make my life happy.


I found Hugh on internet when after 20 years of suffering bulimia and 20 years of various therapies, when I lost any hope that I ever can be free from my eating disorder, but at the same time I desperately needed someone’s help to slow it down (vomiting 5 times per day on a daily basis started affecting me badly, family and work). Hypnosis previously helped me beat alcoholism and strong Valium addiction but failed to help with bulimia but still from all the methods, which I tried for over 20 years (counselling, family therapy, group therapies, stationary therapies in eating disorder clinics several times) nothing helped and hypnosis at least helped me with addictions so I decided to try it once again.

I’ve chosen Hugh based on the fact that he seemed nice and his voice was calming plus and had experience with additions (eating disorders in my opinion as ex addict are very similar with one problem – you can’t give up eating so more difficult). He never promised he could help me but he promised to try, from my side I haven’t expected wonders, I just knew that if he can help addicts he may be able to help me.

What shall I say, half a year and I can’t believe but most of the time I’m free from Bulimia. All my thinking changed and I actually I’ve got a new goal. That goal is to be free from it forever and I believe Hugh can help me to get there. He listens to every word and comment I have, prepares personalised recordings for me, recommends books which are helpful and in each session adapts to changes which are happening – he is not working based on any schedule which I think is the only way to help as each of us is different and mass methods just don’t work. He’s never forcing changes but gives me time to adapt and waits for the moment I’m ready for changes.

His calmness, patience and knowledge plus personal experience are so far key to changes which never happened in my life before – since the age of 17 I never was free from eating disorder for longer than some days maximum, hardly ever (and I’m 37). Now most of the days I’m free and most important, my thinking is free which is great. It’s still in progress, but already it’s a success – definitely would recommend Hugh to everyone with eating disorder who wants to get freedom of living and eating like before it had started to be a problem.


When I first came to see Hugh I was a mess: I was battling an eating disorder, depression. My marriage was ending. I was under huge pressure from work. I didn’t know who I was.

Yet, at each session Hugh untangled deep-rooted issues, issues that went all back to my childhood. Every session felt like soothing balm applied to an aching soul and mind. Hugh’s voice is very soothing, and every time I put the headsets on I would enter into a surreal sort of hypno-meditation. I’d “wake up” feeling as if I had gone through an intensive session of meditation. I came out of each meeting feeling refreshed and stronger.

As the months went by I gradually recovered my true sense of self, who I really am at my core. Most importantly, I learned to love myself again.

I felt like I was set free and that life was worth living again – more importantly, worth enjoying. Nothing is more enjoyable than feeling that you’re comfortable and enjoying being in your own skin, and that in turn influences relationships. I can say without a doubt that Hugh and his work  have been one of the biggest, positive influences in my life, possibly even more than my parents. For that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much, Hugh.


I’m so grateful for Hugh for helping me to change a co-dependent relationship to a much healthier one. It’s such a relief to be free of the anxiety I used to feel. He also enabled me to overcome an energy-sapping dependence on daytime tv and generally to get through a difficult period in my life and out the other side to a greater feeling of freedom. I thoroughly recommend therapy with Hugh.


There are so many comments I could make about the things we’ve talked about and how my thoughts and feelings have shifted somehow, but I wouldn’t know where to begin!

What I do know is that I’m so pleased I decided to seek your help, and it has helped me more than I’d anticipated ……….. I’m stronger, more lucid (!) and better equipped to cope with other challenges.


I came to see Hugh Osborne in May 2014 and since this time I have lost 30lbs, given up drinking and changed my outlook on life completely… I came to Hugh “just” to lose weight but I have gained so much more…. His combination of hypnotherapy and conversational skills enables him to get the core of one’s concern, thus cutting through the noise of everyday life and pin pointing “real” issues to activate change… I would and have recommended Hugh to anyone committed to making a change in their life for the better and for the long term…


I wanted to thank you about the amazing powerful sessions I had with you and it was a shame in fact to end..I loved it! and you are an amazing therapist! And a beautiful kind and sensitive person and you are obviously doing something that you love!


I can’t describe how happy I am to get into hypnotherapy and work with Hugh. My life is so much better without hangovers and without feeling guilty the morning after.