Therapy & Coaching

“By working in the body we access the wounds.

By using the mind we understand its wisdom.

It is the interplay between the two that creates the alchemy”

~Shauna Quigley


Therapy & Coaching


Discover the transformative power of embodying your human experience. By tapping into the memories and experiences stored in our bodies, we can process, heal, and integrate the wounded parts of ourselves, paving the way for inner peace and personal growth.

The main obstacle to embodiment is psychosomatic disunity, the experiential split between body and mind. When we live in disunity, we struggle to access our emotions and have only a partial experience of ourselves. Over time, this manifests as multiple problems, such as addictions, relationship issues, and low self-worth.

Our mind, acting as a protective barrier, often keeps feelings hidden from our conscious awareness. However, these feelings persist, and when our core wounds are triggered, they can overpower the mind’s defences and overwhelm us, highlighting the crucial role of embodiment in our healing journey.

The journey towards embodiment can be challenging, but rest assured, I am here to guide you. The goal is to help the mind return to its appropriate level of authority, serving rather than impeding. This process allows felt bodily experience into conscious awareness, marking the beginning of healing.

Most of my clients aspire to personal autonomy, mental clarity, and emotional stability. They yearn to reconnect with their true selves, unburdened by past traumas. This journey, though challenging, is an opportunity to discover the transformative power of therapy when combined with a commitment to deep inner work. The rewards are undeniable.

Please contact me if you want to know more about how I can help.

Private sessions are available in Zurich, Switzerland. For those seeking a more convenient approach, I offer online sessions conducted via Zoom. This accessible and comfortable option allows clients to engage in therapy from the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

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