Therapy & Coaching Intensives

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in

seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

~Jeff Brown





Therapy and Coaching Intensives


Therapy and Coaching Intensives, span a 12-week period, and are designed to address your unique struggles. This deep and intensive integrative work is tailored to reset your mind, body, and nervous system, empowering you to embrace your own autonomy.

These intensives are for people who are ready to make a big change and go all in with their commitment to the process. If you are struggling with something that feels to big to ‘go it alone’ and need a trustable guide, here I am.

With a rich experience of over 16 years, I have guided numerous individuals through transformative therapy and coaching. My journey, coupled with extensive training, equips me to help clients discover the energy and self-belief needed for a fresh start.


I began offering these intensives after experiencing similar processes with my therapists, coaches, and guides, and feeling the impact such deep work had upon me.

I noticed that if I went all in for a few weeks, I would come out the other side a different person with more awareness of my patterns, and a capacity to make better choices. This processes is not just about transformation, but also about healing. People often report a profound impact on various aspects of their lives, and feeling liberated from the shackles of unacknowledged emotional pain. This newfound freedom allows them to navigate life with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.


Embark on a 12-week journey of intensive therapy and coaching, designed to help you empower and heal yourself.

What’s included…

12 deep therapy and coaching sessions over a 12 week period.

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp between sessions.

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €1800.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have before committing.

Online Sessions for clients worldwide