Therapy & Coaching

“By working in the body we access the wounds.

By using the mind we understand its wisdom.

It is the interplay between the two that creates the alchemy”

~Shauna Quigley


Therapy & Coaching


I feel very fortunate to have had so many great therapists, coaches, and guides help me find my unique approach to guiding others. My work is mostly influenced by cognitive and somatic therapies, primarily Trevor Silvester’s Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Shauna Quigley’s Clearing Method

I have come to see very clearly that we cannot find peace in life if we do not know how to consciously inhabit our bodies. Our bodies hold the memories and experiences we need to access so we can process, heal and integrate the wounded parts of ourselves. The main obstacle is the psychosomatic disunity we live in. Our minds act like a defensive shield that keeps our feelings locked away outside of our conscious awareness. Our feelings are still there, and they will overthrow the mind’s defences when we get triggered by anything that activates the core wounding which is stored in our bodies. The challenge is getting the mind to return to its appropriate level of authority, so it serves rather than impedes us. Once this has happened, the mind allows felt bodily experience into conscious awareness so disunity can end and healing can begin.

Each of my clients experiences their problem differently. They all have different living environments, and a different set of challenges. My clients require therapy that helps them heal, process, and integrate at the right pace for them, thus I have no one-size-fits-all approach to my work. For therapy and coaching to be successful, it must be personalised to a client’s unique needs and goals.

The main goal that most of my clients hold is personal autonomy. They want to find mental clarity, emotional stability, and reconnect with themselves. They want to live in a way that is true to themselves, and be free of old burdens. All of these things are possible with a commitment to deep inner work.

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