Unity Seeker – Spiritual Integration Therapy


“When you dismiss your past, stories, and pain as illusions,

you are depriving yourself of gateways to embodied unity


~Hugh Osborne



Unity Seeker – Spiritual Integration Therapy


12 weeks of deep integrative work to help you heal the core pain that keeps you from peace.

We have many patterns of thinking, feeling, and being that keep us from living in peace with ourselves. It is not only important to become aware of our patterns, but also the core pain that drives them.

Perhaps you have been on your spiritual path for a long time and have reached a point where your have run out of ideas? Maybe the teachings that served your deepening in the past, no longer feel adequate for the next stage of your journey? You have travelled too far from your place of origin to turn back, but you don’t know your next move. This is where I come in…

The place of realisation without integration, is very difficult to navigate if you don’t have a good guide. The insights and awakening you have experienced brought you so much relief, but they have only taken you so far, and you have not yet reached that place of autonomy where you really feel at home in yourself.

You know your core essence has qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness, vision, creativity, joy, and aliveness, but your core wounds prevent these things from becoming a tangible presence in your life.

You know that teachings and books telling you that all you need is to be present and aware in the moment, are no longer of use here.


My story is not too dissimilar to the many I have heard from exhausted spiritual seekers. After many years on the spiritual path with many blissful awakenings, deepenings, insights, teachings, and so much more, I got to the stage where the trail had gone cold. I had somatic training, so I knew how to embody my feelings and somatic experiences. I had plenty of therapy training, and knew how to use my mind as a tool for self inquirey. What I did not know was how to find my core wounds so that I could understand and heal them.

Fortunately, I met a wonderful person who was to become my therapist and teacher. Her name is Shauna Quigley and her wonderful Clearing Method proved to be the integrative bridge that made it possible to end psychosomatic disunity and heal myself. Having trained in the Clearing Method, I now help people who are stuck as I once was to find embodied unity.

Unity Seeker – Spiritual Integration Therapy

The process is unique to each individual and cannot be outlined easily in words. We each have our own personal history of childhood, family dynamics, adverse experiences, breakups, people, places, and things, all of which impacted us. We also have what happened within us as a result of these things.

The Unity Seeker process can be described as the ending of psychosomatic disunity and returning to your essence.


12 weeks of therapy and coaching to help you integrate your deepest insights and awakenings within your lived human experience. It is the ending of psychosomatic disunity, and coming home to your beautiful self.

What’s included…

12 deep therapy and coaching sessions over 12 weeks

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp between sessions.

Your own bespoke tool box to keep you on track between sessions.

The fee is €1800.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have before comitting.

Online Sessions for clients worldwide.