Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy


 With Hugh Osborne



Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy with Hugh Osborne


My initial consultation lasts 1-2 hours, and is free to all prospective new clients.

Should we decide to work together all fees are paid upfront before we have the first session.

My fees for Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy range between CHF 1000.- and CHF 6000.- depending upon the package we agree to.

I don’t charge by the hour, or by the session. If I’m working with you, I’m committed to you. I offer all clients unlimited access to me during the course of our agreements.

I work with most clients for 3-6 months. Many clients work with me for a year. I have worked with some clients over multiple years.

I work with just 6 clients at any one time so that I can give my best possible attention and service.

Sessions happen face to face at my practice in Zurich, Switzerland, or online with clients worldwide.

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