Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy


 With Hugh Osborne



Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy With Hugh Osborne


My initial consultation, which usually lasts 1.5-2 hours, is free to all prospective new clients.

My clients pay for the change they want upfront. I don’t charge by the hour, or by the session. If I’m working with you, I’m committed to you and am available between sessions, via phone or email, should additional support be needed.

I only work with clients who are in agreement of our work being a co-active process. I cannot fix you, or create any kind of positive change in your life, without your active engagement in the process. It takes time to make a change that is integral and lasting, and continuos support is often needed along the way. For this reason, I rarely offer single session agreements.

The minimum initial agreement is 3 sessions.

I work with most clients for 3-6 months. Many clients work with me for a year. Some clients have worked with me over multiple years.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions happen face to face at my practice in Zurich, Switzerland, or online with clients worldwide.

I work with just 6 clients at any one time. This ensures that my clients have my very best energy and attention during sessions and any additional support I provide.

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