Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy


 With Hugh Osborne



Personal Coaching & Hypnotherapy with Hugh Osborne


My initial consultation lasts 1-1.5 hours, and is free to all prospective new clients.

Should we decide to work together all fees are paid upfront before we have the first session.

I don’t charge by the hour, or by the session. If I’m working with you, I’m committed to you. I offer all clients unlimited access to me during the process of our agreements.

It takes time to make a change that is integral and lasting, and continuos support is often needed along the way. For this reason, I rarely offer single session agreements.

I work with most clients for 3-6 months. Many clients work with me for a year. Some clients have worked with me over multiple years.

Sessions happen face to face at my practice in Zurich, Switzerland, or online with clients worldwide.

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