Work with Hugh Osborne



Work with Hugh Osborne


My Clients are…


My clients are mostly the high-functioning people of this world. They are creative and influential people who, despite their struggles, still manage to live deliberately and effectively. Aside from addictions, my clients often come to me with issues around confidence, relationships, personal wellbeing, and limiting beliefs they have about themselves.

My clients are people who don’t fit the traditional moulds, and definitely don’t follow the crowd!

My clients are people who require unique and personalised solutions for their issues and goals.

My clients are people who are willing to open their minds and see new possibilities.

My clients see their potential to create so much more with what they already have.


Private Sessions


The initial consultation is free. Coaching and Hypnotherapy packages are created for each client, based on their needs and goals.

Should we work together, my fees range from CHF 500.- for a basic 30 Day agreement, to CHF 1600.- for a 90 Day Reset.

I also offer personalised retreat packages for clients who travel to Zürich to work face to face. These start at CHF 3000.-

I don’t charge per hour or session. If I’m working with you, I’m committed to you. I offer all clients unlimited access to me during the time we work together.

I work with most clients for 3-6 months. Some clients work with me for a year. I have worked with a few clients over multiple years.

I sometimes make Personalised Hypnotherapy MP3s for my clients to help them integrate the work done in sessions.

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All compensation for shorter working agreements is paid upfront. Agreements that run for 90 days or more can be paid in instalments.


Private Sessions in Zurich, Switzerland. Online Sessions for clients worldwide.

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